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Measuring the Width

Measure the Length

Only use the inside dimensions when measuring the width of the cargo bed. See pictures below for reference. 

The picture below shows the inside width of 62 5/8 (which means SLIDERTOP of 62 1/2 is the right size needed) and anything over 62 5/8 will not fit. 

Measure the length of the cargo bed from the front of the cargo bed to the front of the tailgate.  See pictures below for reference. 

SLIDERTOPs are manufactured for new trucks. However, truck bed dimensions have not change for many years and in some cases in 10 years or more.  For example, the prototype shown in our photos/videos is displayed on a 2008 F150 but the prototype was made for a 2017 truck bed.  The 2008 cargo bed is 1 inch shorter, therefore, you will see a slight overhang in photos.  Below, we provide instructions on how to measure the cargo bed of older models to see if one of our covers fits your truck.  Refer to our bed size chart once you have your measurements.

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