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SLIDERTOP is no wimpy cover!!!

Its solid aluminum frame sections are covered in aluminum diamond tread and comes standard with key locks offering peace of mind and security in a low-profile retractable cover that allows quick and easy access to cargo bed of truck at cab or tailgate end. It's designed to be used in either extended or retracted positions and go from one to the other with the greatest of ease.

and sometimes you don't!

SLIDERTOP is there when you need it!! 

Sometimes you need your top.... 




  • The patented SLIDERTOP is an aluminum, convertible truck bed cover.

  • Its low profile is aerodynamic and it easily slides/opens from cab or tailgate end.

  • It is easy to install, use, and remove (see the video for demonstration).

  • Can use with front tool box, fuel tank, fifth wheel, gooseneck and many other options provided these items do not sit on or above the truck bed rails.

  • It has the ability to lock to secure items.

  • It is rust resistant and attractive on any color truck.

  • It's incredibly strong even in extreme heat and cold.

  • The slide rails are 6061 Aluminum alloy and alodine coated for a lasting finish and smoother operation.

  • Each sliding section is constructed on 6061 aluminum alloy frame and housed in an aluminum diamond thread with a mirror finish.

  • All sliding sections are supported by interlocking cross members that are watertight and made of a solid square rod of 6061 aluminum.

  • The cover sections are mounted by inserting slides into the slide rail slots on each side of the truck bed.

  • The slide rails clamp or bolt to the truck.

  • The slides are made of Delrin/Acetal polymer.

  • SLIDERTOP is 100% American-made and uses the finest material available.

  • You have seen the rest, don't settle for less than SLIDERTOP.

  • SLIDERTOP is a low profile retractable cover that is fast and easy to open from either the tailgate or the cab end.  It's easy to install, remove and use.

  • Both slide rails use stop pins on either end that prevents SLIDERTOP from hitting the cab or coming off the back of truck and must be removed in order to uninstall.

  • When SLIDERTOP is fully retracted, it resembles a toolbox and this allows complete access to the cargo bed at all times

  • When SLIDERTOP covers the entire truck bed, your cargo is secure and safe from the elements.

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